Fuel Injector Cleaning


Why do you need fuel injector cleaning? The electronic fuel injector is the final part of a very complicated and computerised fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. It is a very reliable part of the engine only about 2% of fuel injectors fail due to mechanical failure. The main issues are a blocked micro filter due to contamination from the fuel supply, carbon and a build up of a resin like substance on the pintle end of the injector. This can change the spray pattern of the fuel delivery and restrict the flow rate into the combustion chamber. This will cause you loss of power, poor starting, idling and poor exhaust emissions. This will give reduced fuel economy and that equates to money wasted! This can be from poor quality fuel or contamination from an old fuel tank or line, fuel injector cleaning can help with this. Many people overlook the fuel filter, you need to change it as recommended in the service schedule. 

On your working fuel injectors we offer a full diagnostic, testing and cleaning service on the ASNU system, the best fuel injector cleaning you can get. This starts from as little as £15.00 per injector, plus a one off £8.50 P&P. If your injector is not working we will try to fix it for the same price. At the Clinic you can also purchase  D.I.Y kits, Fuel injector micro filters, Pintle caps, Seals and Rings. We also have a small stock of used fuel injectors for sale, they will be tested and cleaned before posting.

We recommend you send Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed as this will cover up to £500 we only use this service to return fuel injectors we will NOT use cheap parcel services.

We work on your injectors the day we get them and attempt to return them the same day or next postal day.

We use the best fuel injector cleaning and testing equipment available ASNU  

Please Email to see if we have the parts in stock before you send your fuel injectors as we may need to order in. When you send your injectors in please leave all seals on as we need this for the test. 



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